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Our Founder

Domenica Canessa


Domenica is the Founder and CEO of Lake Fox Group. A company focused on helping solve the long-standing cultural challenges of organizations around the country. 

With nearly a decade of consulting experience and hundreds of businesses served, Domenica has seen the same principles ring true, time and time again. No business becomes successful from one great idea or pure luck. Conversely, no single incident typically destroys an organization. Businesses don’t die because of sledgehammers, they die because of a hundred paper cuts. 

The silver lining is that success leaves clues. Organizations that succeed consistently hit their targets and build a strong culture to positively impact their market. These similarities are anchored on the principle that people grow businesses.

Domenica has learned these principles, strategies, and tactics that have made many of her clients very successful and built a career in delivering results. Over the past few years, Domenica’s ambitions have led her to start her own practice, independent of corporate structure that prevents progress so that she can impact her clients at a greater level. 

Domenica brings a wealth of experience through a series of assessments and frameworks.